Animated Cottman Man Offers A Fresh Approach To Auto Repair

Animated Cottman Man Offers A Fresh Approach To Auto Repair

One of the most iconic personalities in the automotive repair market has been given new life and a new look: Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care — a leader in the auto repair industry — has re-envisioned and revitalized The Cottman Man as an animated character into “The Cottman Man Educational Video Series”.

Long respected for his trustworthy demeanor, The Cottman Man was the embodiment of every Cottman center technician: capable and honest; a friend in the auto repair business… the guy who was there to offer a hand when a car wasn’t living up to expectations.

The Cottman Man Redefined

In his new persona, The Cottman Man will be the host on every Cottman center website, offering tips on auto maintenance and repair considerations, to help make informed decisions about auto repair needs.

“The Cottman Man is someone we’re proud to stand behind,” says Derik Beck, Cottman’s VP of Digital Marketing. “He’s an image of the very best in each of us: our centers and ourselves. And he’s someone we want to emulate every day in our centers, all across the country. Presenting him as an animated character for our websites allows us to breathe new life into our most cherished concept: serving the motoring community.”

The animated Cottman Man will appear on the Cottman website,, on Cottman’s YouTube channel, and then from there, he’ll make his way onto the individual Cottman center websites.

“The Cottman Man Educational Video Series” will include:

Reasons To Have Your Battery and Charging System

Reasons To Have Your Belts and Hoses Checked

– Reasons To Have Your Brakes Checked

Reasons To Have Your Cooling/Heating System Checked

Reasons To Have Your Engine Checked

Reasons To Have Your Exhaust System Checked

Reasons To Have Your Transmission Checked

In his first series of animated short videos, The Cottman Man will provide checklists to help consumers recognize problems with a vehicle. Additional videos will come out later in the year and will introduce tips to help keep a car running right for years to come. Each video will be less than a minute long and will present complex issues in a friendly, easy-to-understand language.

Helpful Auto Repair Videos

“Your car is important to you; caring for it shouldn’t be something to dread,” says Cottman President Randy Wright. “The animated Cottman Man will provide consumers with the information they need in a clear, friendly style. We’re thrilled to be able to provide this level of technical advice in such an accessible format.”

For more information, or to see the new, animated Cottman Man in action, visit the Cottman website online at

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