Introducing…The Women of Cottman

Introducing…The Women of Cottman

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care launched the Transmission Physician as a way of honoring all the women — past, present, and future — who’ve helped build the auto repair business. The women of the auto repair industry are instrumental in helping to build this business, and Cottman modeled the Transmission Physician in their likeness, in a tribute to their contribution.

The women that help run Cottman Transmission Centers are no exception, working in all sectors of running a business. These women are business owners, leaders and the ones accountable for showing that auto repair isn’t about one gender, but about men and women alike, who help provide great service to those in need of auto repair.

Below is the list of all the Women of Cottman.

Maryann Straubmuller – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Woodbury Heights, NJ

“For the past 30 years, I have had a relationship with Cottman Transmission. I am not an owner, manager, rebuilder or installer. I am the Cottman woman responsible for everyone involved to keep us rolling along! For more information about us visit”

Becky and Cassey Beacham – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Greenville, SC
Becky and her husband opened Cottman Transmission in Greenville, SC in 1998. Following in the footsteps on her mother-in-law, Cassey has been working at Cottman for 3 years now. For more information on our services, please visit us at

Melinda Kriner – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Vancouver, WA
“I have been with Cottman for 15 years, where I am an Owner with my Father, and help manage the day to day with my husband. My knowledge is in customer service, center operations, parts, and sales. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, which assists me in the day – to day operations here at Cottman. Find us at”

Carolyn Dittbrenner– Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in New Castle, DE
“I have been involved with Cottman Transmission with my husband, Greg, where I handle the behind the scenes administrative operations. Our shop services automotive transmission and repair of both retail and commercial vehicles of all kinds. We love helping our community in their automotive aftermarket needs! Find out more about us at”

Mary Scott – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Gladstone, MO and Independence, MO
Mary Scott is a CPA and a Certified Management Accountant with a doctorate degree in business. When her husband, Doug, retired from his airline pilot career, they bought Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care in Gladstone, MO. Three years later, they bought Cottman in Independence, MO. Both shops are full-service automotive shops. While Doug handles most of the day to day operations, Mary serves as chief financial officer and shares all management and strategic decisions with Doug. Find out more about her center at and

Cara Barker – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Waldorf, MD
“I have been working with my husband, Ken at the shop since January of 2009. I initially worked at the front counter for the first couple of years. I now am the Outside Sales Representative and do financing for our customers. I also maintain all the financials and record keeping for the business. Previously, I was an Assistant Kitchen Designer for 5 years and a Dental Office Manager for 15 years. Find out more about our Cottman Transmission center at”

Liz Foy – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Spartanburg, SC
“Hi, my name is Liz Foy. I am the co-owner of Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I was in banking for 20 years before my husband and I purchased this center 5 years ago. My specialties include very in-depth knowledge and care for great customer service and center operations. To find out more about our services visit us at”

Cindy Cowie – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Norfolk, VA
“For over 15 years, my husband Bob and I have co-owned and operated the Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Norfolk, VA. With our many years of business experience, our family owned and operated repair shop has become a trusted name in the Norfolk area. For more information about the services we provide, visit us at”

Sue Nicholson – Cottman Transmission located in Marietta, GA
“For over 20 years, I have owned the local Cottman Transmission in Marietta, GA, along with my husband, Kent. We specialize specifically in transmission repair and getting our customers’ cars fixed and on the road, as quickly as possible. To find out more information about our center, visit”

Paula Davis – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Charlotte, NC
“I have been with Cottman Transmission for over 25 years, after starting off in Outside Sales. Although I was new to auto and transmission repair, with the help of the technicians there, I quickly picked it up. Twelve years later, an opportunity came up to open my own business and my husband and I discussed it and decided Cottman had to be it. What we like most about this business is the customer loyalty and the ability to have ownership of this franchise. To find out more about the Charlotte Cottman center, visit us at”

Beth Burns – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in Trenton, NJ
“I have specialized in transmission and total auto care for over 20 years at my Cottman Transmission in Trenton, NJ. Our customers are our top priority, and we are always looking for ways to better serve our community’s auto after-market needs. To find out more about the services we offer, find us at”

Mackenzie White – Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care located in St. Peters, MO
“I am a recent graduate with a degree in public relations from Northwest Missouri State University. I am now overseeing the digital marketing aspects at the Cottman of St. Peters location. My goal for our shop is to continue building our brand while expanding our reach to new customers. To learn more about our shop, visit us at”

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