Total Auto Care Means Less Stress For You

Many of us stress about upkeep on our vehicles. The fact is, we don’t really need to.

If you were to develop a fool-proof system for taking the hassle out of maintaining and repairing your car, what would it look like? Cottman of Norfolk thought about this and created a service called Total Auto Care that works the way they would want it to work for them.

Cottman of Norfolk believes that the key to great customer service is, of course, it’s people. We select and train qualified technicians and regularly update their knowledge to keep up with ever-changing automotive industry technology. But it’s not enough to be technically savvy. Our technicians pride themselves on a customer-driven approach. We want our customers to come back because they trust that we will always do what’s best for them. We want to be a rock for our community and always be building ties with our customers.

Automotive Repairs, Expertise & Know-How

Total Auto Care starts with state-of-the-art diagnostics tools that can pinpoint problems for quicker troubleshooting. When you think about how complex modern cars are, that’s a real bonus. The motor, drivetrain, and suspension alone are mostly too complex for a shade-tree mechanic so sensitive sensors and analytical computers are a must if you want to find out what the issue is and get it fixed as quickly as possible. Need an example? If you seem to be having troubles with your car cranking and suspect a batter problem, you could got to an auto parts store and they will happily sell you a battery and maybe even install it. But what if that doesn’t solve your problem? You need a comprehensive automotive diagnostics tool found at Cottman of Norfolk to get to the bottom of your ignition system problems.Diagnose-My-Car-By-Plugging-It-Into-A-Computer

Auto Care Services

So how comprehensive are the auto care services at Cottman of Norfolk? How about this:

    • Transmission Repair
      Transmission work is a cornerstone of our business and we’ve been doing it since we opened in 1962. As anyone knows who has had transmission issues (automatic or manual transmission), if you got a bad transmission box, you car is going nowhere, fast. Our work is second to none and we will have you back in the fast lane before you know it. And not just rebuilds or replacements, either. We provide a full line of maintenance services like transmission flushes for automatic transmissions all the way to clutch replacements for the manual crowd.
    • Car Cooling Systems
      This maintenance seems so mundane that many people forget about how quickly a bad cooling system can bring your car to a halt. In addition, a frozen cooling system could mean serious damage to your engine including a cracked engine block. Fear not, though. We know cooling systems inside and out and can keep your motor not too hot, not too cold, but just right.
    • Timing and Pump Belt Replacement and Alignment
      Today’s engines use complex tensioned belt systems to drive everything from the water circulation to the alternator to the actual coordination between the upper and lower parts of your engine. Just getting into the area where these belts and chains are accessed requires sophisticated knowledge to not only take them apart, but replace the necessary parts and get it back together.
    • Care Heating and Air Conditioning Repair
      Anyone that lives in Norfolk knows that the summers are steamy and the winters are pretty chilly. Unless you are really used to the great outdoors, you probably demand a cool car in the summer and a nice warm one when it turns cold. We at Cottman of Norfolk can make sure that you are ready year around for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.
    • Brake Repair
    • Car Battery Services
    • Check Engine Light & Engine Repair Services
    • Everyone gets frustrated when that check engine light pops up, and Cottman of Norfolk can do a free digital inspection to see what’s wrong.  If your engine needs repairs, we’re ready to walk you through the process, needed repairs, and cost for your vehicle.
    • Exhaust System Repairs
    • Power Steering & Suspension Services

Expert Technicians, Honest and Fair Pricing

Cottman of Norfolk is staffed by people who live in Norfolk and know that economical solutions to difficult problems are very welcome. We promise that we will give you pricing that is accurate, never inflated. We have cars too and know that a bad car can be a severe financial burden to its owner. If you have issues with your vehicle, you owe it to yourself to come see us and get fair pricing backed by outstanding customer service. Call today or drop by. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

  • My experience at Cottman was awesome! The waiting lounge was very clean and looked great. The front desk staff was kind and personable. My wheels got aligned very quickly and they did a great job for an awesome price! The owner is extremely professional and quite handsome as well.

  • The work was excellent and done in a timely manner. Found the best pri ce for the work needed!!!

  • Fast and efficient service.

  • Best shop to have your vehicle repaired. Professional and timely. Owner gives fair prices and easy to work with. I would highly recommend to anyone.

  • I have been taking my vehicles to Cottman for the last year and I have never been disappointed. Kevin is the General Manager and I have known him personally for several years. This is an honest shop with quality work and great, trustworthy employees. Law Enforcement friendly, which is a major plus. It is hard to find a reliable place for vehicles now and days so skip the stress and take your vehicles here.

  • My experience at Cottman was awesome! The waiting lounge was very clean and looked great. The front desk staff was kind and personable. My wheels got aligned very quickly and they did a great job for an awesome price! The owner is extremely professional and quite handsome as well.

  • Great customer service!! The staff was very attentive. A issue arose while they were working on my vehicle, and the mechanics diagnosed it and where back on track in no time. What I liked the most was that they kept me in the loop while they tried to find a resolution.

  • I love this place. came here a few years back, great work. just came in recently, wanted to wait a few days for the review.let me tell you Vicki was amazing and as helpful as can be and kevin did repair and excellent job on my transmission as well as work with me . had a world of trouble with my warranty place but they did their best to help with it all and my car is running excellent. will be back soon for oil change and any future repairs. thanks guys.

  • Kevin and his entire staff are the best. I had a brake caliper fail and they took care of very quickly and for a great price. Since then, I had new flare fenders with led lights installed on my Jeep Wrangler. Same great service and value.